Why GCloud?
Why GCloud?

GCloud provides an opportunity to create efficient virtual DataCenter, where you can build and manage servers, network infrastructure, security and useful applications according to your own requirements and with minimal efforts. Also, we offer various useful services and tools for more efficient software development, management and hosting process.
In addition, the advantage of our service is the maximum efficient charging policy for resource usage. We count charges per minute only for those resources that are being used at the current moment.

Our advantages:

  • Full access to your own virtual Infrastructure
  • Automated installation of commonly used services and applications
  • Ready GitLab service - version control system
  • Efficient resource usage charging policy
  • And many other useful services

Also, we are open to new ideas. If you need any specific service or application, please submit your request. If this service or application will have high demand, we are ready to integrate it in our environment.
  • 1 CPU Core – 0.00013333 Token/Minute, 0.008 Token/Hour
  • 1 GB RAM – 0.00005833 Token/Minute, 0.0035 Token/Hour
  • 1 GB Disk – 0.000002 Token/Minute, 0.00012 Token/Hour
  • 1 GB Disk Backup – 0.00000116 Token/Minute, 0.00006944 Token/Hour
  • 1 GB Disk Snapshot – 0.00000116 Token/Minute, 0.00006944 Token/Hour
  • 1 GB Object storage – 0.000002 Token/Minute, 0.00012 Token/Hour
  • Load balancer - see details
  • 1 Static IP – 0.0014 Token/Hour
  • DNS - free